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Well, the DJ set went quite well. I played for around two hours in total (I can't tell exactly, as it was too dark to see, and the three pints of Guinness I had on the drinks rider probably also contributed). I managed to play a bit of The Charm Offensive (Just Like Bob & Terry) and The Lollies (their hidden track, Happy), which was quite possibly the first time either act was played in Australia, and expose the good Seaworthy/Heligoland fans to my choice of music, getting a fairly positive response. (I played a bit of the sort of ethereal/shoegazer stuff that would go well at such a gig, like Slowdive, Lush, &c., a few other things that fit in reasonably well (The Field Mice, and various other indie bands), a few tracks by local bands, and some odd things which people found amusing (including the cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit recently mentioned here).)

The only major hitch is that I suspect my old Sony Discman finally gave up the ghost towards the end of the set; at least it was considerate enough to not do so at the start, though.

The bands, btw, were quite good. Seaworthy reminded me a bit of the first Mojave 3 album in places, and Heligoland's new material is sounding quite impressive. (Their cover of Kraftwerk's Neon Lights was also quite inspired.)

Anyway, I'll be DJing again sometime in the near future. Watch this space for details.

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Posted by: Bowie Tue Jan 21 03:22:54 2003

Any chance of posting a full setlist?

The catch-22 of the rider. I have free beer! If I drink, I won't be able to sing or play as well as I... I HAVE FREE BEER! If I drink, I won...

Posted by: acb Tue Jan 21 13:25:17 2003

OK; here is a set list (reconstructed from a minidisc of the set):

Set 1 (before Seaworthy played) was: Slowdive, _Slowdive_, Malory, _Space In Your Mind_, Swirl, _Strangelands_, Lush, _Lovelife_, The Field Mice, _White_, and Brittle Stars' cover of OMD's _Souvenir_

Posted by: acb Tue Jan 21 13:41:47 2003

Set 2 (between Seaworthy and the solo guitarist chap who stepped in for Adam Cole): The Field Mice, _Emma's House_, Blueboy, _Joined-Up Writing_, The Charm Offensive, _Just Like Bob & Terry_, Club 8, _Karen Song_, Lush, _500 (Shake Baby Shake)_, Slowdive, _I Saw The Sun_ (demo), a drum & bass remix I did some years ago of This Mortal Coil's _Another Day_, and Peter Hollo's "glitch'n'bass evolution" remix of FourPlay's _Lilli Pilli Drive_

(Btw, this was almost certainly the first time any Charm Offensive was played in public in the southern hemisphere, given that they just have some home-burned demo tracks I got at their gig in London. Hopefully they'll release something soon.)

Posted by: acb Tue Jan 21 13:53:33 2003

Set 3 (after the guitarist and before Heligoland): Deep Child's "Roma Skank" remix of FourPlay's _Gypsy Scream_, The Paradise Motel, _J. Star_ (from _Some Deaths Take Forever_), Sarah-Jane Wentzki, _Summer_ demo (as remixed by yours truly), Ninetynine, _Static Plain_, and the first 3 minutes or so of Seascapes of the Interior's _Discriminating Wisdom_.

Posted by: acb Tue Jan 21 14:10:25 2003

And the final set, after Heligoland finished, and when the two or three pints of Guinness I had downed were making themselves felt: Denki Groove, _Shangri-La_, Ninetynine, _The Process_, Dsico, _Smells Like Electro_, Bis' cover of _Love Will Tear Us Apart_, Ninetynine's cover of Black Sabbath's _Iron Man_, Gurnin Spacecase, _Breaks from the Mountaintop_, The Lollies, _Happy_, Stereolab, _Naught More Terrific Than Man_, Minimum Chips, _Interesting/Two Tone_, and two of my own compositions: an untitled one and a new one titled _U Know We Know The Score_.

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