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Pro-life punk

Proof that "punk" has lost whatever meaning it may have once had: the "pro-life" hardcore punk movement; that's right, pierced, blue-haired people moshing and militating for reimposition of traditional sex roles and moral values. The signifiers of punk have been completely disconnected from the radical social causes they signified.
JUST ANOTHER Sunday night punk rock concert. But these kids are wearing bright red sweat shirts inscribed with the words I Survived on the front and Over 1/3 Of Our Generation Has Been Wiped Out on the back.


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Posted by: gjw Sat Jan 25 03:38:30 2003

Goddam straight-edgers. They make baby jesus cry.

Posted by: acb Sat Jan 25 14:00:05 2003

don't the True Hardcore Straight-Edgers regard this Jesus stuff to be just another crutch, like marijuana and sex and caffeine and such?

Posted by: foo http:// Sun Jan 26 02:30:40 2003

so were the sex pistols already irrelevant when they wrote "bodies?" this is more of a reaction to a selfish middle-class crusade of vastly inflated importance. you act like you have to be aligned with pat robertson in order to see your average pro-choicer as a pompous hypocrite. the "pro-choice movement is more about the convenience of waspy middle-age sleazebags than about reproductive rights. who told these chicks they couldn't take the pill? and if it's my body, my choice, then why can't people smoke crack?

Posted by: acb Sun Jan 26 03:19:34 2003

My point was that it's about as punk as spiking your hair up, putting a safety pin through your nose and going to protest against bus route changes.

Besides which, the alternative to legal abortion is not no abortion but dangerous back-alley abortion. If a woman doesn't want to carry a child, she won't; the question is, should she pay with her life for the decision not to.

Posted by: Paul Mon Jan 27 03:09:49 2003

"...and featuring Christian punk bands..."

Now there's an oxymoron.

Posted by: Guydudebro Tue Jan 28 21:28:22 2003

Back-Alley Abortion would make a good name for a punk band.

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