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Worst-case scenarios

Salon Premium (which cheapskates can access for the cost of viewing a 4-page Flash ad) has an interesting case of six worst-case scenarios for Bush-era America; from Handmaid's Tale-style erosion of reproductive rights and grinding poverty for the least well off to environmental catastrophes and, of course, catastrophic blowback over the Middle East over Iraq and Bush's backing of Ariel Sharon.
"By insuring the health of the fetus over that of the woman, the goal is to give the fetus a higher legal status than the woman," Feldt says. "Again, it's women as vessels."
Six weeks later, an Indonesian Muslim living in Chicago, a quiet, industrious father of five enraged by the Palestinian expulsion and by images of Iraqi children killed by U.S. bombs in Baghdad shown again and again on Al-Jazeera TV, drives a rented truck filled with 2,000 pounds of fertilizer into the busiest downtown intersection at lunch hour and detonates it. At least 534 people are killed when a seven-story building collapses on top of an audience attending an outdoor concert.

(via The Fix)

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Posted by: alex http:// Sat Jan 25 05:22:47 2003

With a bit of luck he'd hit some of the concert-goers below. The irony!

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