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Talking dirty in French

A useful list of smutty phrases in French (cut out and keep in wallet or purse): (via MeFi)
English: "I don't give a shit!"
French: Je m'en bats les couilles
Literal translation: "I slap my balls against it!"

Not all that far away from "I unclog my nose towards you, sons of a window dresser!"

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Posted by: limey Sat Jan 25 01:30:30 2003

There are some other phrases which sound weird: Fuck off - "Va faire foutre" (Go make fucking) Raining cats and dogs - "Il pluit commes des vaches qui pisse" (It rains like cows that piss)

Posted by: Graham Sat Jan 25 13:58:57 2003

Micturating cows!

Posted by: alex Sat Jan 25 14:57:35 2003

doing a little online shopping at nerve were we? ;9~

Posted by: acb Sat Jan 25 16:05:42 2003

Maybe someone at MeFi was.

Posted by: phyzz http:// Sun Jan 26 00:52:47 2003

As I am french, I feel the right to give a (useful?) contribution to this blooming troll : "Ta mère en short devant le Prisunic" == your mother in shorts in front of the K-mart "Je vais te niquer ta race" (really offensive) == I'll fuck up your kind

but the worst insult award goes to : "Je te quitte, ce n'est pas à cause de toi, ça viens de moi" == I leave you, it's not your fault, I just cannot do it

What ??? I had nooo such experience, I swear !

Posted by: 3 Tue Apr 14 01:36:53 2015

Sucer moi la bite- suck my dick

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