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The World's Oldest Multinational

The World's Oldest Multinational Corporation: The local branch office of the Catholic Church has attracted criticism after officially supporting a visit by an American psychologist who claims that homosexuality is an illness and can be cured.

Meanwhile, it has recently emerged that, on the other side of the world, a religious organisation has been rounding up single mothers, sexual abuse victims and orphans as well as girls who were too dangerously pretty to be allowed out, stripping them of their identities, forbidding them to speak, and forcing them into slavery, making a tidy profit of their labour. Is this in Saudi Arabia? Nigeria? Or perhaps one of the excesses of the Taliban? No; it's the work of the Catholic Church in Ireland, and its "Magdalene Laundries", the last of which closed way back in 1996.

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Posted by: yip ftang Fri Jan 31 01:06:05 2003

Who first coined the expression "The World's Oldest Multinational Corporation"?

The uncle of a friend of mine participated in one of those nasty LSD trials to 'cure' his homosexuality. The jammy bugger.

Posted by: acb Fri Jan 31 05:39:34 2003

I came up with it myself, though I'd be surprised if others hadn't done so before.

Posted by: Ben the REAL Ben Sat Feb 1 06:58:13 2003

Yes, the Catholic Church is the only business in history created by Jews and run by Italians.