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24 hours of Throbbing Gristle

The amusing account of a journalist who listened to the entire 24-CD Throbbing Gristle box set in one sitting.
Worried that if I just sit around my flat listening to Throbbing Gristle all day, I might start baying myself, I venture outside. This proves to be the biggest error of judgment I have made since embarking on the project in the first place. It's difficult to know exactly what would be the ideal activity to engage in while Throbbing Gristle provide the soundtrack. But I can reveal that shopping in central London is not among them. A journey by Tube is even more like a descent into some netherworld of the damned than usual. The heaving crowds of Oxford Street, nerve- jangling at the best of times, are rendered nightmarish.

(via Cos)

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Posted by: gjw Fri Jan 31 07:59:40 2003

Aww they can do better than that! How about every Merzbow ( album in a row? He's got about fifty of them.

Posted by: cos Fri Jan 31 10:52:22 2003

there was a 50 CD Merzbow boxed set, yes (done by Melbourne-based label Extreme). somebody blogged about listening to 2 albums per day. Somewhere in England they played it all over a weekend in some art gallery, a year or two ago.

I have 4 Merzbow CDs (one of them's the Merzbox "sampler"), but only one TG. oh, and 6 Nurse With Wound ones, and 1 by Current 93 (which consists of every piece of work David Tibet has done, at least as C93, all played at the same time. it's fascinating). that makes 12 hours of...confusion.

Posted by: jb Fri Jan 31 11:26:59 2003

yeah, yeah, yeah...

a few weeks ago I spent the best part of three afternoons and evenings listening to the Jandek orgy ( Now that's difficult!

Posted by: Graham Fri Jan 31 13:28:17 2003

I got the first seven "Televisions Greatest Hits" compilations a few years back as a magazine subscription deal. I haven't been game to listen to any of them all the way through...

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