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Visit the Picturesque Axis of Evil

George W. Bush's Axis of Evil as extreme holiday destination.
North Korea was nowhere near as tough as I thought it would be, but Cuba was a real disappointment because it's so touristy.
Iraq should be popular as Egypt as a tourist destination; it's got the Garden of Eden, the first ever city, the Hanging Gardens, yet hardly anyone visits.
On the third day (in Iran) three guys burst in while we were talking to some students. They took us back to the hotel and turned our rooms over. When they found cameras, tapes and tourist visas, they decided that we were spies.

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Posted by: fake Ben Fri Jan 31 05:58:23 2003

It probably wouldn't suprise you to hear that Cam from 99 has been to Iran and loved it. Lovely place, lovely people... horrid government.

Posted by: mitch http:// Sat Feb 1 01:30:31 2003

Blog of an American (using the name "sarin"?!) in Iraq:

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