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Fear and Loathing in Maribyrnong

Minority Christians and Mandaeans fleeing persecution in Iran end up in Australian detention centers, where they are persecuted by Muslim extremist refugees:
Mandaeans say Muslim extremists have defecated on them, and set fire to Mandaean and Christian accommodation when these groups don't join planned disturbances. Mandaeans say an extremist religious leader in detention has issued a "fatwa" that killing Mandaeans is sanctioned in Islam.

Screws at the detention centres have, of course, ignored these complaints. Firstly, they're probably just troublemakers making up stories out of pure spite and ingratitude. Secondly, the screws, being in the prison business, know from experience that laissez-faire policies in high-pressure prisons can be useful for creating a man-made hell, and deterring others from coming over.

(Btw, these sorts of Islamofascist extremists are around in significant proportions in the detention centres? That's a far cry from the cuddly, doe-eyed refugees the good burghers of North Fitzroy and such have been offering their spare rooms to. Of course, many probably weren't murderous zealots before, and have been radicalised by the detention centres; which amounts to Australia basically giving al-Qaeda and its ilk a surfeit of potential recruits with a burning hatred of the west.)

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Posted by: Mandaean World Sat Feb 8 16:19:56 2003

Hello The letter below is a plea for action. Mandaeans worldwide have started this campaign to bring attention to the situation. We need your help in supporting this cause by whatever method you are able.

"I Will Write Freedom Till I Die" petition

Thank-you for your time Mandaean World

------------------------------------------------------ I WILL WRITE FREEDOM TILL I DIE

These words were written in blood by a Mandaean detainee on a wall of Woomera detention Center in Australia. To what extremes must one endure to use their very own life blood to write upon the walls in protest? The images of the Gulags in the former U.S.S.R. under the iron fisted rule of Stalin, or the concentration camps of the Nazi's comes to mind. The vivid images of horror that burn their gruesome pictures of truth into the minds of all, still. As a race, man should guard itself against the creation of these camps again.

Sadly, however, another of

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