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Spector's demons

A recent interview with Phil Spector (who came out of seclusion to produce the new album for next-Oasis-candidates Starsailor) in which he talks about his psychological problems.
"I take medication for schizophrenia, but I wouldn't say I'm schizophrenic. But I have a bipolar personality, which is strange. I'm my own worst enemy. I have devils inside that fight me."

And the Graun has a brief biography of the gun-toting studio genius.

(What is it about music producers and guns? First Joe Meek went berzerk in the '60s, then Martin Hannett started shooting telephones, and now Phil Spector's gun-waving antics have come to a tragic denoument.)

There are 4 comments on "Spector's demons":

Posted by: Ed Tue Feb 4 15:49:54 2003

actually i read in the newspaper that phil spector was arrested for murder yesterday

Posted by: Ed Tue Feb 4 15:53:07 2003

er oops, you already posted it sorry

Posted by: Ritchie http:// Wed Feb 5 00:16:59 2003

Now Spector has apparently hired lawyer-to-the-stars Robert Shapiro as his defence.

Let the media circus begin!

Posted by: Graham Wed Feb 5 07:50:06 2003

Yay! I wonder how many Spector-produced records have been sampled in gangsta rap tunes...

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