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Almost a decade ago, they brought us the year September never ended; now AOL are adding blogging to their homepage services. Prepare to see an influx of dittohead blogs and britneyblogs. Within a year or two, the typical level of commentary may well look like "u r a doody-head!!1" (via The Fix)

Maybe WebTV should follow suit and set up a blogging service, with automatic syndication from CNN and FOXNews, and menus of pre-prepared "witty comments"?

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Posted by: Graham Fri Feb 14 14:00:45 2003

"Prepare to see an influx of dittohead blogs and britneyblogs."

Hasn't this already happened?

Posted by: mark Fri Feb 14 16:05:36 2003

And if we get automatic syndication from FOXNews and prepared "witty" comments, how will we tell the WebTVers from the warbloggers?

Posted by: acb Fri Feb 14 16:30:01 2003

Easy. The warbloggers will have line-by-line excerpts of Guardian articles, with terribly witty rejoinders, like "yeah, and who's gonna make us, Eurofag?"

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