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Meetup roundup

Oh yes, yesterday's blog meetup was good. It was at the Gin Palace again, which is always good (though not cheap). A lot of people turned up, and a lot of good (if punctuated) conversation occurred.

I was looking at the blog meetup page and found that there's now an Iraq Crisis meetup. It seems to be mostly anti-war types, at least in Australia. I'm surprised there's no Fisking Meetup.

I looked at some other ones too, and found that there's also an indie meetup (which should be fun, as long as it's not overrun by mooks who think that Interscope is an indie label), a Smiths meetup (which sounds like a great place to get dates, or just an all-round fun place to be) and even a shoegazer meetup, for all the shoegazer/ethereal/4AD/swirlygoth fans. Who'd have thought there'd be enough people in Melbourne for one of those?

(Btw, what's the difference between the Goth Meetup and the Teen Vampire meetup?)

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Posted by: Graham Thu Feb 20 12:02:28 2003

Tell me when the emo meetup is and I'll bring my cricket bat.

Posted by: acb Thu Feb 20 12:25:32 2003

There was apparently one on tonight, but there's one at Thursday, Mar 20 @ 6:00PM (3rd Thursday of every month.)

Emo's a bit too close to grunge/teen-angst music for my liking though.

Posted by: janaki Thu Feb 20 15:10:56 2003

er, only hazarding a guess here, but:

Goth meetup: Oldengothish Teen Vampire Meetup: ToddleGothish ("Peter Murphy <i>who</i>? ooh, Trent Reznor?!??! WHERE?!?!?")

in either case, velvet capes are optional, and one must be ever vigilant so as not to get cake on them.

Posted by: acb Thu Feb 20 23:50:05 2003

Aside: Do today's teenagers know who Trent Reznor actually is? He seems to have faded from the consciousness of the big-yellow-shorts demographic, replaced by newer forms of ritualised rebellion (i.e., Fred Durst, Eminem, Avril whassname, &c.). I'd have thought that most of the NINnies would be in their 20s at least by now.

Posted by: Graham Fri Feb 21 00:59:39 2003

"What's Nosferatu?"

Posted by: acb Fri Feb 21 01:17:25 2003

Weren't they a Bauhaus/Sisters of Mercy knockoff band signed to Cleopatra or something?

Posted by: Daniel Bowen Fri Feb 21 04:56:16 2003

Damn Andrew, I didn't even recognise you at the Blog Meetup. Dunno if you remember me from MHS circa 1988. I seem to remember being part of a group of year 12s who tried to make your year 9 a living hell. ummm errr... in a lighthearted way, of course. Anyway, Hi.

Posted by: acb Fri Feb 21 05:51:51 2003

Ah yes, I believe bought a VIC-20 machine code monitor from you, back when such things weren't retro.

You were the guy with the conversation-stopping anecdotes then?

Posted by: mark Fri Feb 21 08:08:18 2003

Have you got a hunch that Emo-fans would enjoy a spot of cricket, Graham?

Posted by: acb Fri Feb 21 09:09:17 2003

Either that or that a cricket bat makes a good cluestick.

Posted by: acb Sat Feb 22 13:17:09 2003

Update: the Indie Meetup in Melbourne just got cancelled for lack of interest. And it doesn't look like the Shoegazer Meetup will get a quorum either. Not sure about the Smiths one, though that's also a bit shaky.

Oh well, at least those cunts at the Sahara aren't going to make a cent off this.

Posted by: alex http:// Mon Feb 24 04:06:22 2003

do you remember the actual date of your encounter with the Sahara's BanHammer? We could have a get-banned-from-the-Sahara-for-asking-for-Chai-in-a-mug meetup. That'd fuck 'em.

Posted by: acb Mon Feb 24 04:18:15 2003

the 3rd of January, I believe.

Posted by: alex http:// Mon Feb 24 04:20:16 2003

And it's 'Avril Lasagne', I think.

Must have been a pretty tough bunch of year 12s if they're picking on year 9s ... perhaps they weren't that high in the social strata after all.

Is Pink Floyd a gothy band though? "All in all it's just another brick in the wall" ...

Posted by: acb Mon Feb 24 06:08:46 2003

No, they're not, umm, goth enough to be goth. (There are specific sets of stylistic constraints there.) They're also from too far back. Though it hasn't stopped ambitious goths trying to retroactively baptise The Stooges/The Doors/whoever as "goth".

Keep in mind that goth does not have a monopoly on taking a negative outlook on things. Nobody calls Radiohead or Nirvana "goth", for example.

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