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Microphone preamps

One annoyance I've noticed with the Archos Jukebox Recorder: it has no pre-amplified microphone input, only a line-level input. Which is OK for MP3ing vinyl or those poxy "copy-controlled" EMI discs or something, but not so hot for recording gigs. (Mind you, it does have a built-in microphone, though the words "built-in microphone" rarely inspire confidence.) Can anybody recommend either (a) a pocket-sized battery-operated microphone preamp or (b) a small, reasonably good quality (though not ultra-expensive) microphone with built-in preamp? (If it's a stereo lapel microphone or something similarly good for live situations, that's even better.)

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Posted by: http:// Thu Mar 6 04:10:44 2003

record/edit on your minidisc. upload the results. probably the easiest/least expensive way.

(...share the tunes on kazaa.)

Posted by: acb Thu Mar 6 04:17:51 2003

What, and wait for it to be rerecorded in realtime incur recompression lossage? Avoiding this was one of the main reasons I bought the Archos.

And SoulSeek ( ) is better than KaZaa. No spyware and there's an open-source Python client that runs on Linux.

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