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Digital camera update

I got my digital camera back from the repair place today. The good news: it cost a lot less to fix than I had anticipated, because they just needed to replace a small plastic dial which had broken (total cost of parts: AUP12.50). The bad news: it took them several months to find this out. (No thanks to the repairman on Tottenham Court Road who, last October, told me that the power supply board needed replacing (total cost of parts: £150).)

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Posted by: Luke Tue Mar 18 05:14:44 2003

Which place on TCR? I could've told you not to bother with that end of town: they're into getting you to buy new stuff, not repair what you already have...

Posted by: acb Tue Mar 18 05:55:15 2003

It was a place just off TCR or Oxford St., a small repair place run by a Chinese chap. Forgot the name of it, though.

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