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Genuine love not included

Alone and unloved? Fool your friends into thinking you're less of a loser with the Instant Girlfriend Kit; contains a love letter, a photo, a lipstick (for applying lipstick smears to your face) and various items of feminine paraphernalia to stash convincingly around your grotty bedsit. (via Gimbo)

There are 2 comments on "Genuine love not included":

Posted by: Alex http:// Sun Mar 16 13:58:59 2003

You can fool your friends, but you can't fool yourself. But I can see this being a good head-start into a real relationship ... if you deploy the 'Instant Breakup Kit' in which you recieve a rejection letter and images of your 'girlfriend' draped across her new beau. One would use this kit to decieve your female friends into offering you all kinds of post-breakup companionship and sympathy ... muhahahahAHAAHAHA

Posted by: acb Sun Mar 16 14:06:41 2003

Sounds like a marketing opportunity. Perhaps you should make some and take them to Lev's shop, in case the demand for US flag burning kits drops off.

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