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24 Hour Party People

The Age has a piece about 24 Hour Party People, the film about Factory Records which opens next week. It's interesting to note that Morrissey was meant to be a character in it but declined permission to be represented in the film.

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Posted by: cnwb Sun Mar 16 01:00:40 2003

From memory, I don't think Morrissey gets mentioned in the film at all! There are PLENTY of other cameos to keep anybody happy, and if you don't catch them all, there's a section where they explain who everyone is.

Posted by: Steve http:// Sun Mar 16 04:53:41 2003

Fantastic film, can't wait to see it again next week.

Posted by: acb Sun Mar 16 07:49:40 2003

Morrissey isn't mentioned at all, a bit of a jarring omission. I saw the film twice so far (once at the film festival, and a few weeks ago at a free screening RMIT were having; they didn't check student cards or anything), and may do so again; or just get the DVD with the outtakes which are mentioned in the dialogue.

Posted by: hot soup girl Sun Mar 16 09:49:19 2003

Manchester aside, I can't wait to see the film because it stars Steve Coogan as Tony Wilson. Coogan was previously brilliant as Alan Partrige, host of Knowing Me, Knowing You (Ah-ha):

Posted by: Alex http:// Sun Mar 16 14:01:15 2003

There's a competition to win free tickets and CDs and junk at , although their entry form seems to be b0rken. There's a 1900 number though, if you're feeling rich and lucky (O_o)

Posted by: Steve http:// Sun Mar 16 23:09:29 2003

The omission of Morrissey didn't worry me to be honest... as he was never on Factory, his presence would have been fairly peripheral anyway, although it might have been nice to have the story about him writing to Wilson. On balance, better off without him.