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I-Hate-The-French Vanilla

And now the US neoconservative answer to all those Islamic cola brands that have shown up over the past year or so: Star-Spangled Ice Cream, with flavours like "I Hate The French Vanilla", "Smaller Govern-Mint" and "Iraqi Road" (and upcoming flavours like "Cowardly German Chocolate" and "School Prayerleens"). And 10% is donated to military service charities, not "wacko left-wing causes" like Ben & Jerry's.

How long until there is a separate set of grocery brands for each side of the political spectrum?

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Posted by: Rico http:// Wed Mar 19 17:18:12 2003

Anti-Nationalism is a very close cousin to racism. It's very embarrassing to be American right now. If anyone asks from now on I am Canadian...especially in Europe.

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