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All safe, all well

I picked up the new Seascapes of the Interior album, All Safe, All Well today. (I won it from 3RRR's Local and/or General show last night.) It's pretty impressive; six tracks, ranging from just under 2 to 20 minutes, lots of lush, multi-instrumental textures with piano melodies, guitars, synths, violins, chromatic percussion and sampled voice fragments; very atmospheric and textured. And that applies to the packaging too; the disc came in a two-part sleeve of very rough recycled paper (mine still has pieces of newspaper classified ads visible; your mileage will doubtlessly vary), printed in monochrome and with a window cut in the outer sleeve.

Seascapes are launching this CD at the Great Britain Hotel this Friday; I probably won't be able to make it, as the once-off Strange Tenants reunion is on that night. Oh well.

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Posted by: Graham Tue Mar 25 12:34:46 2003

And the Strange Tenants are?

Posted by: acb Tue Mar 25 13:30:36 2003

You mean you don't know? Classic Melbourne ska band from the 1980s. Their name was paint-brushed on railway embankments decades ago, and they were a staple of the local post-punk scene, undoubtedly being spun by 3RRR DJs a lot.

Posted by: acb Wed Mar 26 15:47:42 2003

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