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The latest development in Trustworthy Computing technology: NewCode, a programming language based on Orwellian principles. It is (theoretically) impossible to express security vulnerabilities in NewCode.

There are 2 comments on "NewCode":

Posted by: gjw Tue Apr 1 03:30:05 2003

..."The language is based upon new principles. It's still possible for ordinary software bugs to appear in code, and the true efficiency of programmers using this new language has not yet been investigated," says _WINSTON SMITH_

April fools day pranks are not as funny as they used to be...maybe it's the obscure context.

Posted by: acb Tue Apr 1 04:09:18 2003

And then there's the ABC piece about Peter Jackson going on to do an epic remake of King Kong. At least I hope that's a joke.

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