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You're either with us or against us

If truth is the first casualty of war, dictionary definitions are a notable piece of collateral damage. For example, the BBC has been accused of bias for not following the patriotic party line of CNN/FOXNews.
"The Beeb is a mandatory government-run service staffed with the usual people who go into government-run media, i.e. left-wing hacks," British expatriate Andrew Sullivan writes on his Web site. "The BBC is increasingly perceived, even by sympathetic parties, as the voice in part of the anti-war forces. . . . How the Beeb ceased to become an objective news source and became a broadcast version of the Nation is one of the great tragedies of modern journalism."

Ah yes, the old Communists-in-the-BBC line. Didn't Alexei Sayle do a skit about that in the 1980s? (via MeFi)

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Posted by: gjw Tue Apr 1 11:40:04 2003

Andrew Sullivan aim's to distress the mind of anyone to the right of Genghis Khan (never trust anyone who swings from being a card-carrying communist to being a rabid free-market idealogue...they obviously have issues that need sorting out). Complaining that the BBC is biased while failing to call out Fox News shows where Sullivan's "objectivity" lies.

Posted by: gjw Tue Apr 1 11:41:36 2003

...Any one to the LEFT of Genghis know what I meant. And probably the most infuriating thing about the likes of Sullivan is that no matter how much rope you give them, they never hang.

Posted by: Graham Tue Apr 1 12:57:46 2003

"a card-carrying communist to being a rabid free-market idealogue"; see also Padraic McGuiness...

Posted by: merta http:// Tue Apr 1 21:52:07 2003

Sullivan is an ass, but as a voracious consumer of news and a left of center American against the War, I have to say that though I'd not call the BBC biased in the same way as FOX news, or even CNN now, I would say they have a snotty condescending attitude towards all things American lately. I LOVE the BBC and have listened to it and watched it for years, but BBC World and the World Service just have such a superior tone to everything they say.

Posted by: dj http:// Wed Apr 2 07:19:36 2003

maybe, but you could argue they have the same attitude towards everyone who isn't from south england.

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