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More referral madness

It seems that somebody came to this website in the past 24 hours searching for "female photos of big foreheads". They probably left disappointed. Meanwhile, someone else arrived looking for "i may not go down in history but i'll go down on your sister". Classy.

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Posted by: Suzumi Wed Apr 9 19:51:00 2003

That was quite rude and utterly pointless - but one does get to cross face with these people once in a great while.

Posted by: Jillian Wed Apr 9 21:57:15 2003

That last one was somewhat amusing.

Posted by: cnwb Wed Apr 9 23:24:41 2003

I've received a few hits lately from searches for "Melbourne bukkake".

Posted by: hot soup girl Thu Apr 10 10:22:00 2003

I didn't realise photos had a gender.

Posted by: Burgatron http:// Thu Apr 10 14:33:41 2003

how strange i went to a street art exhibition tonight part of the trendy wank semi-perminent design confrence (free beer) and on the Banksy wall was written "i may not go down in history but i'll go down on your sister" with a line through it, and i straight away rememebered your post here

Posted by: Michael Fri Apr 11 19:02:25 2003

One of the more recent search strings that led to my site was 'making a roller coaster out of house hold things.'

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