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Who's next?

So, after Iraq is pacified (or handed over to junior COW members to fix up), who's next? Let's take a look at the candidates:

So which will it be? Only time will tell.

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Posted by: gjw Fri Apr 11 06:08:26 2003

They'd better not move on Iran; 1) Reforms are coming along slowly but surely - any US intervention would destroy all that hard work 2) A friend of mine, a fellow postgrad student who was visiting from Iran to complete his PhD, returned there about a week before the war started to visit his family. I would really like to see him again...

Posted by: voy-sv-resn http:// Fri Apr 11 20:52:06 2003

I'm trying to understand the logic behind this nonsense. "Don't stand up to one tyranny, for fear of having to act consistently with others?" If this becomes our foreign policy, I think I too will hide in a cave.

Posted by: acb Sat Apr 12 10:32:54 2003

I see the Fisking Op-Center have sent their best and brightest yet again.

Posted by: rtg http:// Sat Apr 12 20:02:55 2003

You forgot to put California on this list

Posted by: Greyzone http:// Sun Apr 13 05:54:48 2003

Canada: we got oil, and gas, and WATER, and softwood, and agriculture (lots & lots) and we got more WATER, and fish, and bever, and few guns, and practise multinationalism (well they do their best), and a lame duck prime minister until Feb 2004, then we'll get a Bushbunnie prime minister, and got no armed forces that are ready to go, but we have the mounties!!! Dudley Dooright Where are you? Oh yeah, did I mention we have lots of nearly clear, most of it clean, almost sparkling, fresh (sic) WATER?

Personally, these Bushies seem to prefer the more arid areas of the world, something about sand in their teeth that turns them on...

Posted by: mitch http:// Thu Apr 17 06:16:36 2003