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Everybody in the house say I hate you

This is what war looks like in the age of MP3 bootleg culture: CIA-backed pirate radio station broadcasts gangsta-rap Saddam parody to Iraq.
Bush wanna kick me, I don't know why and if I call him, he does me goodbye.
Smoking weed and getting high. I know the devil is by my side
My days are finished and I will die - all I need is chilli fries.

It sounds rather cheesy. Though maybe Salam will put a MP3 up when he gets back online?

There are 1 comments on "Everybody in the house say I hate you":

Posted by: John Sat Apr 12 13:55:43 2003

I think I can do better than that, but I have no musical talent. I can write them, but I can't perform them. I was thinking about putting the ones I written on a separate page and after readin this I went ahead and did it. So all I want is a copy of the mp3 and writing credit.

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