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Here we go it's good

One of Melbourne's most original and consistently rocking indie bands, Ninetynine, have a new website, including tour dates (they're coming to Adelaide and Sydney soon) and a lot of MP3s. (Personal recommendation: start with Polar Angle, The Process, Wöekenender, and perhaps Baluchistan or Cois Is Hamdu Lilah, and take it from there). And apparently videos will be up soon too. Excellent...

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Posted by: John Sat Apr 12 14:04:21 2003

The mp3s don't appear to be up yet. This reminds me, did you catch this site:

If it's not scary enough to hear Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) singing the theme of Star Trek, there's always Got To Get You Into My Life as sung by Joe Pesci.

Posted by: Graham Sat Apr 12 15:25:04 2003

Oh, c'mon, what about Albury! (Yeah, OK, never, unless the Clouds reform and decide to do a national tour.)

Posted by: Graham Sat Apr 12 15:26:26 2003

I was joking. Heh. Get that?!

Posted by: Graham Sat Apr 12 15:42:08 2003

Tho' I still think Laura is yummy...

Posted by: gjw Sun Apr 13 01:52:36 2003

Hmm Ninety-nine are playing down the road from me at some place called "Action Park" (reminds me of the Shellac album...) on the easter weekend. Will have to check them out.

Posted by: acb Sun Apr 13 15:14:12 2003

Re: Albury: you could always mail them (at, I believe) and suggest some venues.

Posted by: Luke Sun Apr 13 16:31:56 2003

MP3s no work. Dang. I was looking forward to hearing them. When's the Sydney gigs?

Posted by: acb Sun Apr 13 16:44:14 2003

Next weekend (the one after Easter); Friday and Saturday, I think. Check the website for details.

Posted by: mark Mon Apr 14 07:55:20 2003

yep sorry the MP3's on the ninetynine site are not there yet - just waiting for the server admin to stick them up >>>

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