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Who's bad?

Gangsta rap, it seems, is the new Norwegian Black Metal, with performers competing fiercely for who can be the baddest. One rapper allegedly murdered his roommate and ate her flesh, apparently to be the most stupendous badass who ever cut a record. It has been alleged in court that Death Row Records supplied Antron "Big Lurch" Singleton with drugs "to encourage (him) to act out in an extreme violent manner so as to make him more marketable as a 'Gangsta Rap' artist."
"Part of what makes a Gangsta Rap artist marketable is the fact that the artist is a current ongoing participant in violent gang activities," the lawsuit said.

There are 5 comments on "Who's bad?":

Posted by: mark Mon Apr 14 09:11:47 2003

$deity, that's disgusting.

Posted by: mike farahbakhshian Mon Apr 14 14:38:28 2003

sad, but true. the source of all this? suge knight.

Posted by: Graham Mon Apr 14 15:11:27 2003

I notice none of them are badass enough to condone 11/9, though...

Posted by: acb Mon Apr 14 15:30:40 2003

Yes; funny how even Nation of Islam types who railed against AmeriKKKa on 9/10 all went flag-waving patriotic (witness Wu-Tang's _Iron Flag_, and whoever did that "Draft Me" song). All of a sudden, the Muslim thing became a joke (given that the NoI is basically a black-nationalist UFO cult most real Muslims would avoid) and being American became the real deal.

Posted by: John Mon Apr 14 22:18:00 2003

It's old school.

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