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Neither Fish Nor Fowl

A survey of Anarchist and Libertarian Societies in Science Fiction; encompassing everything from Stateless to Libertaria to Port Watson, including pirate anarchist utopias, Randian-Heinleinian gun-toting anarcho-propertarianisms, the psychedelic milieus of Burroughs and Robert Anton Wilson, H.G. Wells' Fabian socialism and the "fascist-socialist" utopias of H.P. Lovecraft's alien races.

I found this on this page of essays, which is a few links away from Ken MacLeod's blog. The page has a number of other intriguing essays, including one on Christian symbolism in Blade Runner and Iain M. Banks' notes on the Culture, his post-Singularity anarchosocialist utopia.

There are 2 comments on "Neither Fish Nor Fowl":

Posted by: gjw Wed Apr 16 12:22:05 2003

As far as I can see, it neglects to mention "The Bridge" in William Gibson's "Virtual Light". Not to be a nit-picker, or anything...

Posted by: dj http:// Thu Apr 17 02:09:32 2003

There was an anarchysf e-mail list too, i was subbed to it at one stage, but am not at the moment.

Dan Clore was on it.

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