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MP in Saddam's service?

Documents have allegedly emerged in the ruins of Iraqi government buildings proving that a left-wing British parliamentarian was on Saddam Hussein's payroll. The documents suggest that Labour MP George Galloway, an outspoken critic of the war best known for vehemently denouncing Tony Blair as a "war criminal", was receiving £375,000 a year from Baghdad for his services. Apparently, this princely sum was still not enough for Galloway, who was asking for more. Galloway has denied the allegations and is planning to sue the Daily Telegraph for libel. Blair is confident that the papers are genuine; Galloway's supporters claim they're part of a smear campaign, and cite the case of forged papers "proving" Iraqi uranium purchases, now discredited.

I wonder whether the usual liberal-bashers will run these allegations, citing them as proof that the anti-war movement were Saddam's dupes.

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Posted by: John Wed Apr 23 02:40:28 2003

Blair was confident about WMD in Iraq too.

If it is a smear, then it is a very crude one. The powers that be would be better off concocting evidence that he is a paedophile or is that the fate now reserved for Tam Dalyell?

If it is a smear then it shows how afraid Blair and his Tory friends are of free speech.

Posted by: acb Wed Apr 23 03:14:27 2003

Surely it'd be a bit suspicious if he, Scott Ritter and Robert "3D" Del Naja were *all* accused of paedophilia?

Posted by: john Thu Apr 24 13:33:48 2003

he must be innocent, it says so on these t-shirts! buy one now before he is sent to the tower!