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Blogging for paranoids

Blogging has now become more paranoiac-friendly with Invisiblog, a new online blogging tool devised by cypherpunk cryptoanarchist types. Invisiblog uses anonymous remailers for posting, making it (theoretically) impossible to trace their authorship (except, of course, by the NSA's quantum supercomputers, but they can probably read your thoughts before you post anyway, and already know that you've been a very naughty boy/girl/android).

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Posted by: Alex Thu Apr 24 15:14:14 2003

Zem is one cool motherfucker.

Posted by: Bowie Fri Apr 25 02:41:34 2003

If I was an evil overlord security agency I'd set a site like this up and advertise it around the local terroist hideouts just to see who I snag...

Posted by: acb Fri Apr 25 04:59:19 2003

Given that has no way of knowing where a post is from, it wouldn't be very useful.

Posted by: Graham Fri Apr 25 09:08:41 2003

Perhaps Salam Pax could've used this.

Posted by: acb Fri Apr 25 13:47:11 2003

Probably. I was wondering whether or not the Mukhabarat ended up paying attention shortly after he ended up all over the world's press.

Though someone else, on MeFi, reckons that he's probably still alive, just offline until Iraq gets a new Internet, and that he was more likely to have been conscripted and killed by allies than killed by Saddam's goons for blogging.

Posted by: Ben Laden Mon Apr 28 09:17:28 2003

Obviously I'm too paranoid to go and check it out, but does it support

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