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Anti-war fashion

Anti-US T-shirts seem to be all the rage in Canada, with Canadians eschewing peace signs for angrier statements, of the sort that might get one hospitalised south of the border.
Anti-war slogans seemed to be getting increasingly anti-American, with people going to everything from protests to the gym to trendy parties wearing tops that say Bush is a Terrorist or Twin Terrors above pictures of Bush and Osama Bin Laden.

Reaction in kind to FOXNews-style flag-waving triumphalism, or a futile passive-aggressive statement from a junior partner? How much do you want to bet that if US troops were to invade Canada (let's call it Operation Second Term), all those Canucks with "American Psycho" T-shirts would claim that they were just kidding?

"As far as clothing went, it was more about the peace symbol. Though you would see people sewing U.S. flags on the seat of their pants, so they'd always be sitting on it."

You know, one could probably make a killing selling shoes with American flag-patterned soles in the Middle East (where stepping on something is considered the most grievious insult).

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Posted by: kstop Fri Apr 25 15:44:00 2003

I was flying back to Ireland from Las Vegas a few days after the shoe bomber thing, so I bought a pair of stars and stripes socks to wear through the various checkpoints. I got mad props from the customs officers for such, who didn't seem to pick up on the fact that I was wearing them with shoes with flames painted on the sides (or that I'd been wearing them for a week in the desert just to build up that special aura). I'm such a child.