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Operation Rub It In

The US Government has been running TV broadcasts in Iraq to show the Iraqi people what a free, democratic, pluralist media looks like. (Stop laughing, this is serious.) Whom did they get to produce the nightly news programme? Who else but an extremist Christian Fundamentalist media company with strong Zionist leanings?
"Grace News Network will be reporting the current secular news, along with aggressive proclamations that will 'change the news' to reflect the Kingdom of God and its purposes," GNN proclaims.
While it's unclear whether Grace News Network actually produces any news, it has produced a documentary movie titled "Israel: Divine Destiny" which it showed at the National Press Club in September 2002. The film is about "Israel's destiny and the United States' role in that destiny," according to Grace News Network.

Are they trying to deliberately provoke the Arab world or something? (via Pagan Prattle)

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