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War is peace...

Irony is dead, again: A Norwegian parliamentarian has nominated Bush and Blair for the Nobel Peace Prize, for invading and winning the war in Iraq.

There are 3 comments on "War is peace...":

Posted by: beTh Fri May 9 03:00:25 2003

Well, irony may be dead, but I'd say (by the sound of it) that comedy is alive and well! Geeez.

Posted by: cindy http:// Fri May 9 04:11:48 2003

well, that's ONE country i'm not movin to...they're stupider than us!

Posted by: Graham Fri May 9 09:55:00 2003

Mind you, since Kissinger won it in 1973, (or Arafat, for you right-wing morons out there) I suppose anything goes.

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