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Ignorance is Strength

Britain's Independent Television Commission is investigating claims that Rupert Murdoch's Fox News is biased. Apparently, for some quaint reason, such things are still frowned upon in Britain, to the extent that if the claims are found to be true, Fox News could be forced off Murdoch's Sky satellite TV network in the UK (something for which there is ample precedent). Unless, of course, they get their sponsored politicians and/or their good friend Tony Blair to relax the "archaic", "anti-competitive" impartiality laws (which, given enough money, can probably be proven to contravene some international free-trade agreement or other).

There are 2 comments on "Ignorance is Strength":

Posted by: mark Sat May 10 08:21:36 2003

Did you come up with the Orwellian theme and look for links to match, or was it coincidence?

Posted by: acb Sat May 10 13:07:58 2003

The first two were coincidence; then I looked around for something to fit Ignorance is Strength, and the FauxNews article was the best fit.

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