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Another one for the Library of Dreams

I just found out that, at the time of his death, one of the projects Edward Gorey had lined up was the illustrations to a new edition of Borges' Book of Imaginary Beings. It's a real pity he never got to do it. (via MeFi)

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Posted by: Adam Mon May 12 11:18:53 2003

that would have been interesting. there is an illustrated book and flash website with photos by Sean Kernan worth having a look at, I think it is brilliantly done, go here,

Posted by: acb Mon May 12 13:28:16 2003

Nice. It reminds me a bit of Dave McKean's artwork; either that or Joseph Cornell's boxes.

Posted by: Adam Wed May 14 00:50:49 2003

I love Dave Mckean's stuff, have you read/viewed 'Cages' his graphic novel, I think it is very well done. Not familiar with Joseph Cornell though, will have to check him out.

Posted by: acb Wed May 14 04:06:08 2003

I haven't read Cages yet; I saw it in Slow Glass before they closed last year, but didn't end up buying it.

Posted by: Adam Fri May 16 01:44:18 2003

You can get it from Minotaur, it's around the $100 mark. You can also borrow it from Melbourne Uni Library.

Posted by: acb Fri May 16 01:45:26 2003

Which I should have done when I worked there a few years ago...

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