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al-Jazeera was Saddam's mouthpiece?

Iraqi agents infiltrated al-Jazeera, using it as a propaganda tool. Or so says the US-backed Iraqi National Congress (cool name, that; I guess that makes Ahmed Chalabi the Iraqi Nelson Mandela then), speaking to Rupert Murdoch's Sunday Times. I wonder whether we'll next see exclusive reports from the Murdoch media claiming that Iraqi agents took control of the Guardian's editorial policy and that Robert "Lord Haw Haw" Fisk earned a handsome salary from the Mukhabarat.

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Posted by: dj http:// Mon May 12 07:58:16 2003

If i recall rightly, US intelligence operatives have 'infiltrated' US media organisations before. Was it CNN in the last Gulf War? Sorry, my memory isn't that good today.

Posted by: Bob Sacamano Mon May 12 22:34:13 2003

The name came courtesy of everyone's favorite PR slimeballs The Rendon Group.