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Autumn in Melbourne

A few scenes of autumn in Melbourne. (Click thumbnails to see complete images)

As usual, if you want to use any of these images anywhere, ask me (blog at

There are 4 comments on "Autumn in Melbourne":

Posted by: CrowGirl Mon May 19 23:01:13 2003

my friend ali lives in melbourne & she keeps telling me to come on down. (i'm in oregon.) your photos are a good inducement. thanks for posting them.

Posted by: Paulo http:// Wed May 21 07:40:05 2003

Nice pics dude! Especially those with the leaves. Did you shoot with a digital camera ?

Posted by: acb Wed May 21 07:44:40 2003

Yes, a Canon PowerShot G2. For some of the closeups I used manual focus and opened the aperture to F2.0.

Posted by: Paulo http:// Wed May 21 08:59:34 2003

Yep, apparently it was a wide aperture, considering the depth of field. ;) (sorry for the digression)

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