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Versailles 2003

The BBC report on the Bilderberg meeting in Versailles last Thursday, where Earth's reptilian rulers feasted on human flesh a bunch of rich old men gathered to play Illuminati and/or control the world. Apparently one of the delegates there was Henry Kissinger. (Hang on, isn't he legally a fugitive in France? If so, what's to stop the French police from swooping down at some opportune moment and dragging him off in chains to The Hague?) (via NWD)

There are 4 comments on "Versailles 2003":

Posted by: mike farahbakhshian Sun May 18 19:37:18 2003

I like how they met on the eve of a total lunar eclipse.

Posted by: Ben Mon May 19 16:11:49 2003

Actually they CAUSED the lunar eclipse!

Posted by: Ben B Mon May 19 23:57:05 2003

Kissinger was wanted by a Paris court as a witness. So he's probably safe in Versailles as a) it might be in the wrong jurisdiction b) the warrant may have expired and c) the French may have dropped the matter. Obviously I'm just guessing...

Posted by: acb Tue May 20 03:31:57 2003

or d) you don't fuck with the Illuminati.

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