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Goody goody yum yum

After reading the comments about BeTh's boat-naming dilemma, my mind turned to the question of why there wasn't a DVD of cult 1970s comedy series The Goodies. The theories I've heard about this included (a) that it's considered too racist/sexist/politically incorrect for this enlightened age, (b) that Tim/Graeme/Bill would rather the public forgot about their youthful indiscretions, or that (c) no archival footage of the series survives, with decaying VHS tapes recorded off the telly being the only remaining record of this series.

So I decided to do a Google search for "the goodies" dvd, and lo and behold, it appears that there is now a Goodies DVD, with 8 episodes. And it's region 0 too, for those still trapped under the jackboot of the MPAA.

(It doesn't seem to have the pirate radio episode, alas, but you can't have everything. Maybe if enough people buy this one, they'll release more episodes.)

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Posted by: Graham Mon May 19 08:59:06 2003

You'd reckon there'd be a market for all of them - there'd be about a hundred episodes, at least half were really good, so what's that? 5-6 eps a disc, hmm...

Posted by: Ben Mon May 19 16:13:44 2003

I'm saving my shekels to get the complete Monty Python DVD set, it can be got for about $100 US plus postage.

Posted by: limey Mon May 19 17:12:06 2003

I believe the reason for the Goodies DVD being so low profile, is that it's continually on BBC Prime (I don't know if it's available in Australia, but it's the beeb's international variety channel). BTW, is there a soundtrack accompanying the DVD? I rather liked Bill Oddie's musical score for the series.

Posted by: Ben B Mon May 19 23:54:21 2003

There is a Bill Oddie CD available - it's got a lot of music from the series, although it's of course nowhere near comprehensive. Oddie is a very gifted musical pastiche artist.

Posted by: Graham Tue May 20 01:34:00 2003

And an ornithologist.

Posted by: acb Tue May 20 03:31:20 2003

There's a Goodies CD titled Funky Gibbon, which has songs from the series. Is that what you meant?

Posted by: Daniel Wed May 21 03:05:06 2003

Got the DVD set. Beautiful restoration, and all the bits the ABC chopped out to show on Australian screens are there. In the case of the Earthanasia episode, this amounts to an entire scene. Great viewing.

No, it doesn't have all the greatest episodes, but TBT, GG and BO seem to be looking at a second release if this one does well. The lack of releases before is because of BBC disinterest, not that of The Goodies themselves, who have campaigned for years to no avail merely to get their shows repeated on UK free to air TV.

There are two Goodies CDs around the place, with much the same musical tracks - one has a handful less, and is sometimes found in bargain bins around Melbourne.

All the Goodies info you could possibly want is at

Posted by: Ben the REAL Ben Tue May 27 14:03:18 2003

Hmmm I must download some more Goodies MP3s.

Posted by: Ben the REAL Ben Wed May 28 01:34:29 2003

Hmmm. The tracks there are OK but it's a pity about the canned laughter playing over most of them.

Posted by: roberta laura http:// Sat Nov 29 18:12:09 2003

hey, here in america we are seriously deprived of our beloved goodies. we haven't seen those guys on t.v. since the 70's and we were infants(of course) we'll keep an eye on this website for any items being sold in american dollars but keep up the good-goodies work. Favorite episode: again we were infants but wasn't there one about tomatoes?

Posted by: Ben http:// Sun Nov 30 18:24:19 2003

You should be able to get them through big stores like Barnes and Noble, Amazon etc.

Posted by: Michael http:// Tue Dec 2 16:51:25 2003

I was at the launch of the Goodies DVD in London. Kitten Kong and Saturday Night Grease were screened before Bill, Tim and Graham did a Q&A session. Lots of fun and I hope you all envy me. <grin> The DVD is almost entirely the result of a couple of very committed people at Network ( who were Goodies fans and pestered the BBC for years to get the distribution rights. They're also responsible for the brilliant remastering job. And we shouldn't be too harsh on the ABC: Thanks to their cut-but-child friendly versions Australia has many more Goodies fans than the UK, it would appear. Plus the guys at Network were also able to pillage the ABC archives in order to get the best quality masters to work off. Anyway, there were definately plans to release another double-DVD (8 episodes) so long as sales of the first DVD were sufficient. And they were hopeful that things would snowball and they could eventually release them all. One or two episodes they only had incomplete versions (as t

Posted by: Michael http:// Tue Dec 2 16:54:11 2003

...incomplete versions (as the BBC has lost their copies, so only the ABC version was left) and one episode was only available in B&W, but 99% of The Goodies cannon is available for release if the sales are good. So everybody go out any buy 5 copies to give to your friends for Christmas! You know ity makes sense!

Posted by: Graham Wed Dec 3 00:08:18 2003

Hey, Michael, is that you? Bastard!

Posted by: beTh Wed Dec 3 06:44:21 2003

This is odd. I was just reading on Friday about the Goodies before they became The Goodies - while my dad was staying with me, my brother (in London) sent him the new Python autobiography via Amazon. There are a few pictures of a very young Bill Oddie and Tim Brooke Taylor onstage with some Pythons-To-Be. Will have to put that DVD on my wishlist! Do the funky gibbon - the boat is still un-named.

Posted by: Ben-Gurion Jacarutu Thu Dec 4 06:02:02 2003

The Goodies' cannon is available for sale? What episode was that from again...

Posted by: Michael http:// Thu Dec 4 20:01:57 2003

Hi Graham. Yes, it's me! Well, bits of me anyway. There was a cannon in the Beefeater's episode... part of the security system around the crown jewels. And I think there was a canon in the episode where they had to escape from jail. (Bill put his ball and chain in it and fired himself over the wall.) And in the "Evil Musicman" episode the titular character had a pipe organ/cannon. Quite a few cannons in the Goodies canon!

Posted by: Len Fri Dec 5 14:21:35 2003

That's right, that organ/cannon was excellent. And then the brass section came out and were firing back....

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