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The steam-powered drum machine

The account of the steam-powered drum machine, or rave culture meets steampunk:
Soon after the crowd had entered, the doors were locked tight so as to prevent intrusion from representatives of the Law. Van Hoovenaars then unveiled a huge and terrifying contraption. A multitude of brass pistons, steam cylinders and horns had been fashioned together, as like the internal frame of a fire-spewing Behemoth burst forth from teutonic myth. The professor addressed his audience, explaining that each piston reverberated on to a canvas of varying thickness to produce a series of rythmatic beats. He warned the gathering that once set in motion the machine "would produce such rhythms that man has never dared imagine - over an eleven hour period".

(via MeFi)

There are 2 comments on "The steam-powered drum machine":

Posted by: Luke Sat May 24 02:26:23 2003

Hmm. That sounds kinda like that fire-powered gas organ that's been doing the rounds for a while...

Posted by: acb Sat May 24 17:45:51 2003

A steam-powered mechanical drum machine shouldn't be too hard to build (think a steam calliope, only with drums/pistons/cymbals being triggered), and would be rather cool. It'd certainly add a new meaning to "industrial music".

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