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Beat this, Medellin

North Korean defectors testify about weapons programme, government-run heroin export industry, suggesting that North Korea gets a big chunk of its funds from its heroin and methamphetamines industry, and that the government thereof is essentially the world's first nuclear-armed drug cartel (though given its penchant for kidnapping useful talent from overseas, that's not too surprising). Though weren't there rumours of the Soviets having massive opium plantations in their Asian republics to bring in hard currency in the '80s or so?

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Posted by: mitch http:// Thu May 22 02:45:02 2003

“… Whereas traditionally organized crime tries to penetrate the state, in (North Korea) it’s sort of the inverse paradigm where the state is penetrating organized crime.”

Posted by: gjw Thu May 22 04:19:29 2003

Capitalism creates the market. Communism obliges with the production.

Posted by: acb Thu May 22 06:02:28 2003

Indeed, aren't most corporations internally command economies much like Communist states?

Posted by: Graham Thu May 22 08:44:34 2003

Well, North Korea doesn't have anything else to export, I guess. Mud?

Posted by: acb Thu May 22 09:32:28 2003

They had a booth at Comdex last year showing their software industry, showing 100 products "from translation programs to video games".

I wonder what the video games would be like.