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Dave-to-girl ratio

Concept of the day: Dave-to-Girl Ratio: the ratio between males named Dave and females in university computer-science schools. This ratio sometimes exceeds 1.0, and apparently it's not getting any better. (via TechDirt)

(Not sure about guys named Dave, but a significant proportion of the computer-science students at Monash in 1992-1995 were named Andrew. Whether they outnumbered women is unknown.)

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Posted by: Dave Thu May 22 22:38:10 2003

But what about women called Dave (or Andrew)?

Posted by: cos Fri May 23 00:07:20 2003

actually, at Monash around the same time, a different group of people I hung around with had lots of Daves.

in the last 3-4 years, the development team I was working with had about 3 or 4 Daves over the time of the project, too. we had to give them all nicknames so there was no confusion...

Posted by: Ben Sat May 24 13:59:28 2003

Well I've only ever been in the room with one other person called Ben at a time. Sort of a duality/Sith thing I suppose.

May the Force be With You.

Posted by: Sharon Thu Aug 16 20:20:12 2012

In Santa Rosa in 1998, I was in a meeting of 8 people and there 5 Roberts and 1 Robertino, who went by Tino. It was suggested that myself and a guy named Scott were perhaps in the wrong room.

Posted by: Liz P Thu Jun 6 23:09:33 2013

Couldn't we target the issue by admitting more guys named Dave?

Posted by: AuntyVi Sun Nov 3 20:07:13 2013

Us longtime programmers LOL at 'computer programming' schools. I've been in the industry since I was 12 years old (took me two years to get legally emancipated after graduating from high school at 10). If you were a programmer 53 years ago, like me, you were better off having a degree in English Literature. These days my preference is to hire those with a degree in math, economics, statistical analysis or the ilk. BTW, Women ARE smarter than men, even the AMA finally admitted that, and if women don't want to program, leave 'em alone, they have 99.9% probably got better things to do. Also, it's insulting to call WOMEN, 'girls'. BTW, I own a number of mostly technology-related businesses that employ over 1600 people of which 1100 ARE women, go figgur. P.S. 1300 are AMERICANS.

Posted by: Greg Wed Dec 18 17:14:28 2013

I really loved this! I found it from