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Fo'sheezy Parcheesi

And now, some answers to the timeless question of what does "fo' shizzle my nizzle" mean: (via MeFi)
Originated in medival England in the 17th century, this phrase has changed in meaning completely, from the orignal shorthand denotation of "Alas! An advasary has come upon us! To the catupults!" to the modern definition of "Please grease up my penis."
nah, ya'lls know dat dis chea' mean, "for sure my endearing African-American acquaintance".

Numerous commentators have pointed out that the phrase is considered offensive when used by white people. Though aren't most people who say "fo' shizzle my nizzle" white suburban kids in big yellow shorts?

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Posted by: mark Sun May 25 16:34:33 2003

Hrmm, interesting. I quite like the "originated in Medieval England" idea, though: I think I may use it for same (to announce a calamity and encourage my fellows to take arms against it), just for the hell of it. Let you know if it gets me beaten up...

Posted by: Ben Tue May 27 00:29:15 2003

If you think about it, the two terms are pretty interchangeable. But the story seems a bit implausible IMO.

Posted by: Dave Tue May 27 00:29:56 2003

Sounds like something Henry Kornfeld (K-Dog to his homies) from The Onion would say.

Posted by: acb Tue May 27 02:52:22 2003

Given that most people who hear "fo' shizzle my nizzle" would probably discard the "fo'" as syntactic sugar (sort of like the Californian "like") and would categorise it as an imperative (i.e., "shizzle" is a verb and the rest of the sentence is its subject), I can see this phrase mutating in popular usage.

Posted by: mitch http:// Tue May 27 04:27:56 2003

Remember Britney's guide to semiconductor physics?

Now we have Snoop's guide to cavity quantum electrodynamics!

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