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Hijacking attempt over Melbourne

Bampot attempts to hijack Qantas flight with wooden stakes, an aerosol can and a lighter. The incident happened on a Qantas flight from Melbourne to Launceston shortly after takeoff. The hijacker was not believed to be connected to Islamofascist terrorist groups, but kept mumbling about "God's will" and "Armageddon", and apparently intended to crash the aircraft into a target. Perhaps he was a self-styled "vampire hunter" of some sort?

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Posted by: mihaly http:// Fri May 30 04:27:16 2003

Yet another example of how the crackdown is bringong out the ccrackpots. With every right that we subdue, we give outlet to the ouring of views. And some dont hold true what we believe to be self evident. Today the Quantas terminal was again shut down for hours. Welcome to the free world. welcome to modern life! Buffy _and_ biblical armageddon ... mixing one's metaphors, perhaps?

Posted by: Graham Fri May 30 14:10:17 2003

Great, some laid off Leckie gets a bit willing with a couple of paddlepop sticks and the whole country grinds to a halt.

Posted by: acb Fri May 30 16:19:43 2003

He was a computer programmer/IT worker of some sort. Perhaps he shared the geek tropism to Buffy/vampire roleplaying/PlayStation 2 games, and it got a bit out of control?

Could disgruntled IT workers be the new disgruntled postal workers?

Posted by: Alex http:// Sat May 31 01:33:16 2003

Don't forget that it was an Aussie who hijacked a plane in Ireland a while ago to coerce the Pope into disclosing the third Secret of Fatima. What does a Christian Fundamentalist have to do to get some media attention and some air time, hijack a plane?

err that's a television program. try this pdf

ho ho ho don't get me started on Opus Dei ... bwahahaha

Posted by: Graham Sat May 31 01:51:20 2003

Opus Dei. Ick. I used to live in a flat across the road from their residental college at UNSW. The poor denizens therein managed to make even the adjacent Anglican college residents look like boozing yobbos.

Posted by: mitch http:// Sat May 31 08:29:16 2003

Amongst other great achievements of Aussie crackpots: almost bringing abuot Armageddon in 1969, by attempting to burn down the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.

Posted by: Ben Sun Jun 1 01:47:15 2003

If it weren't for those pesky Israeli firemen, maybe the Messiah would have hurried up?

Posted by: Mike http:// Mon Jun 2 01:42:27 2003

Well don't forget Jerusalem Syndrome. IE where (Christian) pilgrims to the Holy Land get so worked up that they dress themselves in bedsheets and start wandering around claiming to be various biblical prophets. I believe there is a special ward in one of the Jerusalem psych hospitals dedicated to this disorder. As far as I know only Xtians are affected by this particular geographical-specific disorder. Although I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't equivalent delusions among pilgrims to Mecca or people washing themselves in the filthy Ganges etc.

Posted by: acb Mon Jun 2 04:20:50 2003

I've heard of Jewish atheists going to Israel and coming back ultra-Orthodox; that could be a related phenomenon.

Posted by: Ben the REAL Ben Mon Jun 2 17:32:48 2003

I suspect if they are going to Israel, it is more of a cultural re-awakening thing than a psychosis. But Jews are a study in psychiatric disorder like no other race I can think of.

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