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A short article on trainspotting in the Graun. Interesting to see that American trainspotters call themselves "trainfans"; apparently the ones in Australia call themselves "gunzels", for some reason.

There are 3 comments on "Trainspotting":

Posted by: Benjamin http:// Mon Jun 2 09:18:09 2003

Gunzels, are tram lovers/spotters not train spotters.


Posted by: acb Mon Jun 2 09:22:26 2003

There's such a thing as tram spotting?

Btw, what is "gricing"? I saw an article many years ago saying that it involved sneaking into train yards and being photographed naked next to locomotives (with the serial numbers visible); is that true, or is there a less sensational definition?

Posted by: Ben the REAL Ben Mon Jun 2 17:30:47 2003

I'd like to know that too...

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