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Melbourne vampire killings

Self-proclaimed "vampire" gunned down in Melbourne. And this less than a week after a guy tried to hijack a plane to Tasmania with wooden stakes. What's going on here?

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Posted by: mitch http:// Wed Jun 4 10:25:53 2003

Australia is the true location of the Hellmouth:

Posted by: Ben Wed Jun 4 15:56:19 2003

Heh, I was up in Reservoir yesterday morning (when all the drama was happening). I had my monthly appointment with the nice lady from Corrections who gets me to sign all these contracts full of spelling and grammatical mistakes. She was really stressed (she warned me that there were people hiding in the area shooting bystanders at random) and wanted to know how I was going to get to work. I told her I would walk straight to the station and get the first train that came. I told her I always get out of Reservoir as fast as I can anyway, and she said this was a good idea.

Posted by: Steve Thu Jun 5 02:21:40 2003

re: Tasmanian hijack

Having been on numerous planes bound for Launceston (I grew up there) I've often felt the urge to seize control and fly somewhere... well, anywhere... else instead. Totally understandable.

Posted by: Benjamin Thu Jun 5 11:11:18 2003

What I wonder, is that I heard he was also into s&m, and I wonder with the trial he was in *some one* was worried about the media finding out about their habits, maybe some tory mp or something like that..

Posted by: Alli http:// Thu Jul 24 03:27:59 2003

do vampires exist? if so what the hell was one doing in melbourne? in daylight? dying from a gun shot? he must have some nerve.

Posted by: Tisiphone http:// Sun Oct 12 06:59:55 2003

If you arent aware of the exsitance of Vampires by now, youre a fool. Im one, and so are many others. Very few of us actually "kill", Shane was silly. I heard that his coven abandoned him about two years ago for killing one of their donors. Tut tut. Anyhow...theres no need to be afraid...we really are quite nice beings....

-Tisiphone xoxo

Oh, and by the way, stakes arent much use. Any of us 'real' vampires have incredibly quick reflexes, and are trained in a variety of self defence arts. Even though we arent immortal, we are fast, strong, and most of us are smart enough to wear either chainmail or some other form of protective vest.

Posted by: Graham Sun Oct 12 14:58:11 2003

Best use a gun, then, I guess.

Posted by: acb Sun Oct 12 16:56:33 2003

Oh, I have no doubt that vampires do exist. If you define "vampires" as "delusional blood-drinking headcases", or perhaps "goths with a poorer than usual grip on reality". Though I doubt they can change into bats, manifest superhuman powers or any other cool shit like that.

Btw, I wonder what the hepatitis/HIV infection rates are like in the vampire community.

Posted by: dj Mon Oct 13 00:48:49 2003

Graham, i've heard that a 'really big stake' aka baseball would do the trick.

Posted by: dj Mon Oct 13 02:46:27 2003

left out the magic word 'bat'


Posted by: pittsfordbrat http:// Wed Jun 30 03:37:24 2004

i tink u are all sick. vampires do not exist in the sunny continent of Australia. i am not denying their existance but for people to say that stakes can't kill vampires is insane. it has been known since the beginning of time that stakes kill vampires. stakes, holy water, and crosses are vampires weaknesses. and i know this because i have seen one and i have seen one be killed and i have killed one myself. they do not turn into bats and they are not afraid of garlic. and by the way the hellmouth is not in australia it is in the United States and i know where it is...

Posted by: acb Wed Jun 30 04:18:26 2004

We've got a live one here...

Posted by: Graham Wed Jun 30 09:29:07 2004

Apparently vampires are not that keen on "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" either.

Posted by: pittsfordbrat http:// Thu Jul 1 23:39:39 2004

lol. i bet vampires look better than u.

Posted by: keta http:// Fri Oct 29 04:42:57 2004

the only true vampire, as in origin of the vampire is Vlad Dracul otherwise known as Vlad Tepes (Vlad the impaler) that is where everything originated from. If you really think you are a vampire or werewolf then maybe a doctor should check you for lycanthropy........

Posted by: Ben-Gurion Jacarutu http:// Fri Oct 29 09:21:04 2004

The one true vampire, not to be confused with any of those fakes out there. Wasn't that sort of the plot of Blade II?

Posted by: Raine Wed Oct 7 20:39:08 2009

okay wow I know this is an old thred but really none of you know anything about vampyrs. Except mabye Tisiphone, but pittsfordbrat you really dont know crap about us,holy water and crosses dont effect us, but to be honest who doesnt die when you ramm a stake through their chest! I mean durr! you can even look it up on any medical site there is a form of vampyrism though the one the government allows you to see is based on that and doesnt tell you that only a pureblood vampyr can transform a human by biting them, and only a hand full exist anymore, and that if you are turned you can even go out in the sun it just drains you a bit. kinda like physical activity to humans so we avoid it the holy water and holy artifices like crosses and bibles were thought up to fool humans,also we dont have to ask permission to enter an abode we just like to be nice most of the time. i for one am only rarely angered but it is most often by ignorant people like yourself

Posted by: Cougar Seneca Thu Jan 9 09:31:08 2014

To All Of You Vampire Wannabes and Sanguine Vampires. There Is No Such Thing As Hollywood Vampire BS. I Am In Attendance at an Online Magick School. My Professor is a PSI Vampyre. Vampires do not have superhuman strength, nor can they read minds nor are they fast. Whether Sanguine or PSI they are dependant on the rest of us or they become very fatigue like state. From my class and receiving a 100% I will say do not be lulled into romanticism of vampires. They are sub human and can not live independently from the rest of us. You can kill them anyway you would kill a normal person. The Blood drinking or sanguine sometimes gorge themselves on blood and need their stomach pumped it happens. They are not immortal and age like the rest of us.I have purposely signed in through Facebook so if you require the truth inbox me and I will supply the whole transcripts from class along with my essays explaining the relationship I had with the Professor. Nice Lady/Vampire My Professor.