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Photoshop fodder

Today's Crikey has a rather amusing photograph. I bet one could do a lot with that and Photoshop.

There are 4 comments on "Photoshop fodder":

Posted by: Graham Wed Jun 11 07:53:29 2003

But who needs Photoshop?

Posted by: acb Wed Jun 11 08:49:14 2003

I was thinking that judiciously superimposing the face of the Commander-in-Chief of the Free World may be apt.

Posted by: Alex http:// Wed Jun 11 11:03:23 2003

The image is good enough as it is ... perhaps a caption comptetition is more in order.

.o(Soon, Bitch, Soon...)

.o(There's your 10% GST, baby.)

.o(Who's your Deputy? WHO'S YOUR DEPUTY?)


Posted by: dj http:// Thu Jun 12 03:34:10 2003

That's been all over the net for a while.

You are sooooooo last week.

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