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New toy

Today I went down to the AppleCentre in Elizabethstrasse and picked up the order that came in for me. Consequently, I'm a few grand poorer, but now the proud owner of a Titanium PowerBook G4. (It's not one of the new models, but it runs MacOS 9 as well as OS X, which means that I don't have to junk all my VST plugins.) The machine has been named "avalyn", and will in due time replace my old beige toaster (a souped-up G3/233G4/400).

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Posted by: CNWB Thu Jun 19 00:48:53 2003

Sounds like we've got the same machine. Excuse my blatant boasting, but once you get one of these beautiful machines, you can't help but pointing it out at any available opportunity.

Posted by: Graham http:// Thu Jun 19 01:58:31 2003

Warwalking ahoy!

Posted by: acb Thu Jun 19 04:15:37 2003

I don't think mine has an AirPort card. (Well, it seems to think it does, but it doesn't actually pick up signals, and the specs didn't mention one.)

Posted by: richard http:// Thu Jun 19 06:29:18 2003

Good thing you didn't get one of the 17" things. They're too bloody heavy, and not so useful as a laptop. Very nice as a desktop that you lug around. Too bad no bastard is making bags big enough for them yet! (ok, there's one in the "crumpler" style, but these suckers *hurt* when they're on one shoulder for too long)

At least the 17" comes with AirPort (and bluetooth, but I can't afford the gizmos that use it ;)

Posted by: richard http:// Thu Jun 19 06:34:05 2003

Me again. Did I mention the teensy keyboard? Same size as the regular 15" laptop - with the numpad overlay, the compressed function keys, the silly "fn" key where God Intended The Control Key To Be. Even though there's plenty of room in there...

Really, *don't* buy one of these things, even if you're tempted. Buy a small car instead.

I'll go away now ;)

Posted by: acb Thu Jun 19 07:27:45 2003

Actually, I bought it more as a desktop that's easily transportable. The 17" would have done the job nicely, other than not running OS9.

As of today, I've installed most of my music software on it, and am moving the 2Gb or so of projects I've got to it.

Posted by: acb Thu Jun 19 07:28:28 2003

The 12" PowerBooks are cute though.

Posted by: Graham Thu Jun 19 07:38:46 2003

I figure with the 17"'s, if they're going be that heavy and big cf the 15", why not have a decent keyboard with a numeric pad and all that? Though I'm not buying any new toys in a hurry, except maybe Cubase SX and a 24/96 card.

Btw, where's that title quote about the glutinous rice from? That's really weird...

Posted by: acb Thu Jun 19 08:46:00 2003

I believe it's from a list of top 10 Hong Kong action movie subtitles or something like that.

I'll get Cubase SX at some stage, once there are enough OSX plugins to justify ditching OS9 and VST 5.1. (I'm waiting mostly for Pluggo, the Muon Computer Music softsynths and a few others.)

Posted by: Alex http:// Thu Jun 19 10:47:00 2003

} The machine has been named "avalyn"

Avalong hack and you'll never look back.

[/barry mckenzie]

Posted by: Alex http:// Thu Jun 19 10:48:52 2003

err Humphries

Posted by: acb Thu Jun 19 11:59:05 2003

it's actually after a Slowdive song title.