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John Galt with a broomstick

Is the new Harry Potter book a thinly-veiled Libertarian diatribe against government interference and gun control? Maybe J.K. Rowling is not so much the next C.S. Lewis as the next Ayn Rand. (via Reenhead)

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Posted by: strange Wed Jun 25 18:14:42 2003

I dunno, but from her writeup, it seems more like it's in support of Civil Liberties (like free speech) rather than the wierd dogmatic and unrealistically utopian government-hating Randites.

Posted by: benjamin Fri Jun 27 05:39:31 2003

Heh, find that amusing, just finished the new book, and the thing that got to me, is more against the "thatcherite" control of schools that one saw in the eighties. which I sort of remember.