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Mozilla 1.4

Mozilla 1.4 is out. And they've finally fixed it so you can disappear the Print/Search buttons that clutter the interface. Though now it freezes when you change virtual desktops, or at random intervals. Time to get familiar with Konqueror, I think.

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Posted by: Graham Tue Jul 1 08:30:24 2003

Time to send in a bug report, you mean.

Posted by: acb Tue Jul 1 08:41:44 2003

Well, Konqueror's looking better and better each day. There's a reason why Apple chose its engine for Safari instead of Gecko.

Posted by: Benjamin Tue Jul 1 11:06:48 2003

I like mozilla for its email/news reader. Its not too bad... Though I do use safari as well. Benjamin

Posted by: Graham Tue Jul 1 11:55:39 2003

Does Konqueror have tabbed browsing yet?

Posted by: acb Tue Jul 1 13:17:02 2003

Of course.

Posted by: Santos http:// Tue Jul 1 23:38:16 2003

I think you are tabbed browsing.

Posted by: Graham Wed Jul 2 01:56:09 2003

That's very ... zen.

Posted by: richard Wed Jul 2 03:57:30 2003

Safari's HTTP layer sucks arse - can't wait for Konqi native on OSX :)

Posted by: acb Wed Jul 2 05:43:08 2003

Mind you, I've found KDE-based programs to be a bit sluggish. Konqueror often takes several minutes to start up, and kspread is also very unresponsive.

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