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Heavy Product: the zine

Ever wonder about those "THIS IS A HEAVY PRODUCT" stickers that were up everywhere? An outfit calling themselves Knee Length Press (who are apparently not connected with the Cave Clan, but have the same PO box nonetheless) have just published a photocopied zine by that title, consisting mostly of photographs of sticker sightings in Australia and Europe (there are lots in Austria for some reason), and mentioning some of the people not connected to the sticker campaign. The zine comes with a free life-sized Heavy Product sticker, and there's a competition for photographs of such a sticker in the most "imaginative, humorous and/or interesting location"; the winner gets a Heavy Product T-shirt. I found a copy of the zine at Westgarth Books (High St., Northcote; look for the Dobbshead on the wall inside).

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Posted by: Burgatron Mon Jul 7 02:15:06 2003

The 'Knee Length Posse' does Knee Length Press, this is the first I've heard of them putting out a zine. Well actualy the zine GFPMD 'get fucked pull my dick' could also be a knee length press release. KLP had CC members, but I think KLP have broken away. Melbourne CC has gone through a few changes in the last couple of months.

Posted by: -M- http:// Mon Jul 7 02:23:56 2003

From what l heard KLP was a small group name within CC. If l have the correct members, then they are still active!

Posted by: Ritchie http:// Mon Jul 7 13:34:28 2003

I haven't seen the zine, but it sounds similar in concept to

Posted by: Alex http:// Mon Jul 7 14:11:47 2003


Posted by: Graham Mon Jul 7 14:31:28 2003



Hmm, this the same neon Dobbshead that graced Polyester Records? (Obviously I haven't been in Melbourne for a while, though I'm under the impression that guy who used to own the shop finally did an audit on his shop fittings...)

Posted by: acb Mon Jul 7 15:24:17 2003

No, it's apparently one laser-printed on several sheets of paper and Blu-Tak'd to the wall.

Posted by: Mr Do Fri Aug 15 07:53:24 2003

KLP, the Knee Length Posse, using the name Knee Length Publications have put together GFPMD for almost two years now (number 7 is out now) and it comes out every three months. Heavy Product Zine was meant to be a one off but due to the popularity may see a second issue hit the shops... one day. KLP also do The Cave Clan Magazine (28 out of 44 pages are colour) and features their Europe expo. KLP (Knee Length Presentations) are also putting together 3 Cave Clan videos at the moment. More zines are on the way and even a shitload of stickers. Cheers people.

Posted by: acb Fri Aug 15 08:27:11 2003

How about a sew-on Heavy Product cloth patch?

Posted by: Mr Do http:// Tue Aug 19 09:20:58 2003

There are Heavy Product tshirt and hoodies available.