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Meet Hektor, a Swiss-designed spraycan graffiti robot, or possibly one of the world's largest portable inkjet printers. (Note that it's not the largest, as the BBC piece suggests; I recall a larger version of GraffitiWriter, one of Hektor's predecessors, mounted on the underside of a van, and used to inscribe dot-matrix slogans on roads.)

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Posted by: kstop Mon Jul 7 16:48:53 2003

Not really a predecessor though, as the Hektor one is to Graffitiwriter as vector is to raster, if you get what I mean

Posted by: Claire Fri Jul 11 06:25:31 2003

I had dinner with one of the people behind the GraffitiWriter afew months ago. He's a fun guy. A lot of his other projects are really interesting, too.