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Sunbed nazis no more

Germany's Goethe Institute is developing a campaign to rebrand Germany for the 21st century, getting rid of the old associations with either Nazis or beach-hogging tourists. The new brand will present Germany as hip, laid-back and sexy, playing up Germany's short working days, celebrities and events like the Love Parade, and is aimed at Britain and France. Though officials concede that Poland and eastern Europe may be tougher markets to win over.

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Posted by: Alex http:// Wed Jul 9 11:39:03 2003

Rebranding the Luftwaffe? I don't see the RAAF rebranding after Dresden nor the USAF rebranding after the extremely humane deliberate firestorm bombing of Tokyo. I think they should have kept the logo, the goths would have loved it.

Incidentally did anyone else feel a pang of love/fear when they saw one of the Japanese Self Defence Navy frigates steam out of Japanese waters to participate in the War Ginst Terrism with the Rising Sun flag waving gently in the breeze? Aaahh...

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